Work Summer Parties and Corporate Summer Events Ideas

Outdoor Events

Whilst you may not be ready to throw on your shorts and summer dresses, there is a slight warmth in the air as spring arrives. However, the longer daylight hours and the occasional dusting off of the sunglasses can only mean one thing in our HQ! We’re about to receive an influx of enquiries from businesses as they begin to plan their corporate summer party.

But, of course, this is no surprise, given that it is a perfect season to get out of the office and into the sunshine to have fun and relax with colleagues and family.

Here at TR Events, we offer a wide range of events and activities specifically designed for the warm weather. Anything from traditional games on the lawn to full-blown funfairs, we can help. For the more cautious out there, we can even offer events across the UK with indoor and outdoor facilities.

So, from a classic BBQ to a bunch of team activities, below are our top five suggestions to impress and enthral your employees.

1. Old School BBQ

Is there a more distinctive summer smell in the air than a BBQ being fired up, ready to offer a range of delicious delights? With a wide range of food options available for BBQ, catering for all dietary requirements has never been simpler. This makes a classic BBQ party inclusive and a firm favourite for a fun company gathering.

Additionally, you can create add-on activities such as a knockout-style game organised for team participation. For a more relaxed vibe; book your favourite live bands and hire a few giant lawn games for people to explore at their own pace.

Corporate summer party - zorb arena

The location also doesn’t need to be a hassle. You could host the event at most outdoor venues, and they will happily accommodate any sized party. Alternatively, you could fix your office space to hold a themed BBQ or use your branding to convey critical corporate messages.

2. Raft-Building Days

The great thing about living on an island is that water is never that far away!

A favourite amongst the TR Events team to plan, organise and manage is a raft-building day. It is an especially great activity for companies with a wide range of skilled employees.

From designing the vessels, building the crafts, and setting sail and hoping to stay afloat, this is an excellent fun day for team building and boosting morale.

Raft building - group high fives

A bonus about raft building days is that it includes people with all abilities. Every great team needs a leader, designer, master builder and logistics supervisors. As well as an operational squad working away to make it all happen.

Finally, to make the day memorable and fun, organise a variety of interests for your team. Provide them with entertainment, catering solutions, chillout zones, fancy dress, and even an open-air cinema to end the event.

3. GPS Treasure Hunts

Are your employees problem solvers? Are they a team that relishes nothing better than the opportunity to find the clues and unpack seemingly challenging riddles? Then a Corporate GPS Treasure Hunt day is an ideal way to explore and activate these skills.

Couple comparing paper map and a gps navigator

Dividing your employees into a team, you set them off in a race against time with their GPS Unit that tracks their location and shows their competitor’s movements. The challenge is to start solving as many puzzles as possible, which will involve taking photos and videos, which are then live-streamed back to the base camp with captains monitoring progress.

Of course, like any good treasure hunt, there will be a few twists along the way…

All teams will return to a drinks and nibbles reception, and once everyone is home, have the BBQs fired up or food stations ready to serve the now-famished explorers.

You can host a variety of themes for this event, which can be based on your business or local landmarks or bring some history alive through adventure.

4. Corporate Anniversary Garden Party

What better way to celebrate a key business anniversary than hosting a gloriously English garden party in a picturesque location. Offering manicured lawns, beautiful flower arrangements, locally sourced summer menus and, of course… plenty of champagne corks popping.

This idyllic corporate summer event is an incredibly versatile opportunity for you and your team to enjoy summer at its finest. Options such as classic lawn games, summer cocktails, and live entertainment with bands, circus acts or magicians. To make the event one to remember, why not choose a theme such as a midsummer night or an enchanted garden party?

Close up of Alice In Wonderland themed corporate summer party

We love a good garden party as it is one of the most flexible corporate summer events regarding the budget. Plus, the unpredictable British weather doesn’t need to dampen plans either. It is easy to organise marquees of all shapes and sizes to ensure that your dream event is weatherproofed.

5. Corporate Family Day Fun Fair

Are you a large corporate business looking to create an unforgettable family fun day to reward your employees and their supportive families? Then we have just the idea for you.

Picture this; you arrive either at your office or a nearby location to be welcomed by a host of circus acts. There are dodgems, carousels, small animal enclosures, an obstacle course, climbing walls, bouncy castles, and a live music stage. All you can hear is giggles and laughter, smell fresh popcorn, and everyone gets involved in the day.

Private Themed Event

The fun doesn’t have to stop at the entertainment and activities either. You can opt to have pop-up food stations offering cuisine from around the world. Alternatively, local food trucks providing traditional tasty treats. It is easy to make sure there is something for everyone.

Finally, you can memorialise the day for everyone with photo booths, competitions/prize draws and even giveaway goody bags.

Have a corporate summer event or party to organise? Looking for help with the planning and management? Contact our team of experienced event managers to find out how we can support you: