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Virtual / Hybrid Events

With the arrival of COVID-19, lockdown and social distancing the emergence and growth of virtual/hybrid events has been quick and necessary to keep our industry alive.  TR Global Events, like most event companies have adapted to this and are now be able to offer these events with a team of experts in delivering high quality online events which can fit the clients brief whilst keeping user engagement.

Our team can produce both events that are live and those that are pre-recorded ahead of time. Whatever the format, virtual event production should deliver crisp sound quality – ensuring everyone is heard. We can include all media that you want to include – allowing you to switch and flip from PowerPoint, to animations, onto video, graphics and mixed media. It should make multi-presenter events easy – like virtual panel discussions. And whatever the event, it should always  be produced in a way that drives your chosen message home to your audience – our team can do this.

Hybrid Event Studio

Our hybrid event studio offers a safe and cost-effective way of holding an engaging and professional event experience in this new norm.  This is better than your regular zoom or team platform where the host is in their home office or living room with the now common distractions or kids and pet’s we all see on these meetings.  The presenter can be behind a lectern with a stage and backdrop with full tech support to ensure the company message is clear, professional and on-brand.  From here we can live stream, pre-record and record live for distribution to multi channels post event to ensure the maximum exposure for your message.  Contact TR to discuss this option further.

Pre-Recorded Events

If your event doesn’t require audience engagement, then we have the option to pre-record the event.  For pre-recorded virtual events we can provide guidance on everything from lighting and background (whether that be a virtual background, or in a studio) to scripting and content. We’ll then take however many separate files you’ve created and edit them all into a single, super-smooth production.  Whether going live or pre-recorded, we always make it easy to record the event so it can be digitally filed away or made available for anyone who missed it the first time around.

If your presenters are also self-isolating at home, pre-recorded virtual events are the answer to make sure your event goes ahead.  We have solutions available for multiple presenters to be live at the same time with our tech team able to direct the production from a remote location remaining in constant contact with the presenters throughout.

Live Stream in real time

If you are looking to take your events online our live streaming service is ideal to help deliver your company message while your guests are at home.  Live events are the clear choice for audience engagement – allowing for presenters (one or multiple) who can interact with their audience with moderated questions, polling, multiple-choice questions, word clouds and quizzes, all using seamlessly integrated software.  We can create a conference environment at your head office with a scaled back set and staging solution with lectern and lighting.  The only difference is the audience will be in their homes receiving the content live, directly to their device.  We are also able to take control of the event security through a password protected system, only people who receive the password in advance will be able to gain access to the live stream.  Our expert tech team are on hand to answer any questions on event steaming as we appreciate this is new to most clients.  Presenters are thoroughly prepped allowing them to get to know the technology being used with a talk-back system so they can communicate discreetly with the tech team should any issues arise.

Whether on PC or mobile, password protected or freely accessible, a simple webinar or a conference complete with virtual break-out rooms, virtual events are about connecting people.  Our virtual events team make audiences feel as though they’re there – sat right in front of your presenters, even when you’re not.

We can facilitate several ways in which businesses can communicate with their teams, customers and suppliers in a professional manner which ensures their stakeholders are engaged and on-board with the message being delivered.

The TR Tech Team can provide production for every type of virtual event:

Meetings | Conferences | On-boarding | Group Interviews | Webinars | Virtual Townhall Meetings | Award Ceremonies | Product Launches | Exhibitions | AGM’s

Virtual Event Production Bespoke Packages can include:

  • Unlimited locations for presenters and audience members
  • Hybrid Event Studio
  • Provision of slick sets and backdrops (or advice for streaming from your living room)
  • Panel Discussions
  • Group Presentations
  • Interactive software for Q&A, polling and multiple-choice audience questioning
  • Virtual breakout rooms
  • Seamless integration with PowerPoint, as well as other media and content
  • Presenter rehearsals
  • Digital Swag Bag for pre-event engagement
  • Completely customisable packages
  • Bespoke audience kits – could include speaker bios and event agendas
  • Custom apps for your conference or briefing
  • Audience Engagement
  • Voting
  • Q&A Panel Discussions
  • Clocks and timers
  • Post-event audience feedback
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