Team Building Ideas for Hybrid Working Offices.

Team Building Ideas for Hybrid Working Offices.

Are you that business in the awkward in-between stage of hybrid working? Some employees opting to work from home most of the week while others prefer the in-office environment?
Are you still trying to work through the mind-blowing logistics of managing a split location team? Looking for solutions to ensure that teammates are still seamlessly working together to deliver optimal results for your business?
Then why not think about hosting hybrid team-building activities? Available as half days or full days, the agenda can be packed with games and activities. This encourages co-workers and colleagues to spend time together in person, in a virtual workspace, or a combination of the two.
We give you below our top three team-building activities for hybrid workers.

1. Escape Room

The popularity of virtual escape rooms exploded during the pandemic. Now the experience is just as realistic and thrilling as attending a venue.
With various scenarios available, an Escape Room team-building activity is a novel, practical and fun way to bring a team back together.
With technology improving, you can now either play online or still take your employees to a face-to-face location near you. Escape Rooms are brilliant at boosting communication, project management, problem-solving skills, and handling complicated challenges under pressure. Although all the scenarios are fictional, the abilities developed in an escape room are real and transferable to the working environment.

2. Cocktail/Mocktail Masterclass

We say cocktail/mocktail because that’s just our office preference, but this can also work for cooking masterclasses.
Suitable for in-person, online or hybrid, we will source the best local mixologists to teach you and your team how to mix your favourite tipples. A great timeout session in the daytime with mocktails. Alternatively, a celebratory evening together with the harder stuff, this activity will have you and your colleagues in fits of laughter.
You don’t even have to worry about the ingredients. Before your event, we send each guest a hamper with everything they need. This includes bottled miniatures, garnishes, recyclable cocktail glassed and a Boston cocktail shaker – you just need to bring the ice!

3. Virtual Away Day

Our virtual away day team building is perfect for any business looking to evoke excellent communication and teamwork and boost morale.
We will develop a series of practical competitive challenges. This allows teams to collaborate on and solve and competitions for your employees to work out individually. The events are all simple concepts, and that’s to score as many points as possible throughout the event. Each event run from start to finish by one of our experienced remote facilitators via video link.
Pre-event, we can even send out a pack of goodies to each participant. For the extra special touch, organise some light bites and a little drink to help ensure everyone has a great day.

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