Virtual Corporate Event

Virtual Exhibitions

Since live events have been regularly disrupted, there is a significant transition into virtual exhibitions to avoid unpredictable travel and crowd size restrictions.

Our tried and tested fully scalable platform, has now made virtual exhibitions easier than ever to organise and manage. By going virtual, you increase your marketing opportunities as you can keep visitors more informed and engaged for longer, with the effective tools we have to support the promotion of your event and customer’s products or services.

Key features of our virtual exhibition services are:

  • Easily accessible expo floor
  • Sponsor and exhibitor booths
  • Unlimited attendees
  • Company video uploads, brochures, virtual business cards
  • Subscription services
  • Complete event management and support
  • Live chat, Q&A’s and live announcements
  • Unlimited break-out rooms
  • Networking hall
  • Live Help desk

Looking ahead, consider taking the best of virtual into the ‘real-world’ with hybrid events, as they give you greater access to wider audiences, support sustainability, and deliver a maximum return on investment.

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