Virtual conferencing

Virtual Conferencing

With the events industry going through a significant change in direction, the demand for virtual conference services is ever increasing as one of the very few ‘secure’ ways of gathering a large volume of people.

With our expertise, you can still recreate the buzzy feel of a live conference event with our virtual platform enabling networking lounges, parallel speaker sessions, virtual business booths, 121 meeting spaces, business card exchanges, and live feeds, all giving an immersive experience for your visitors.

Key features of our virtual conferencing platform services are:

  • Unlimited attendees
  • Global reach for increased exposure
  • Multiple virtual stages
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Panel discussions
  • Group presentations
  • Exposure for sponsors
  • Pre-recorded or live video introduction
  • Seamless integration with other media platforms
  • Event notices

Have you thought about post-pandemic conference events and how they will look? We are ahead of the curve by already offering hybrid services for conferencing, giving you the opportunities to attract a wider audience, increase revenue with sponsors, and ability to double the size of your booth sales whilst minimising any disruptions by external forces.

If you are interested in finding out more about our corporate virtual event services, contact the team today.

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