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Corporate Christmas Party

Corporate Christmas Party

The Brief

In February 2019 we met our client, a large international corporate organisation who required a staff Christmas party event in December.  The proposed numbers were likely to be between 2000 and 2500. They wanted something different, not traditional, fully immersive and an event on such an epic scale that no current employee at that organisation had ever seen before.

Due to the number of staff, previous parties had taken place over two separate days which had created a disjointed celebration. Our client was keen to have a single party where all staff could attend together, and the location needed to be close to Cambridge. The party also needed to be themed but not too traditionally. The ask was challenging but here at TR Global Events, we always relish a challenge and thrive on offering our clients solutions.

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The logistics of the event were undoubtedly complicated. We needed to locate a suitable venue in Cambridge that was capable of providing space for 2500 people; the standard brick and mortar options simply wouldn’t do. Added to this the geographical need for the event to be very much Cambridge based, the challenge just got even bigger. 

The TR team, forever proactive, began to research all possible options: airport hangers, large civic halls and sports centres were all considered. Through our supplier network we found a large marquee that was due to be erected on the outskirts of Cambridge that was just about big enough. We arranged a meeting and agreed that this facility would be our best solution, albeit we needed to make it three times bigger!

 Once we had agreed the potential venue, we started to give more thought to how we might theme the party to create our signature WOW.



Our event managers and planners worked up a number of theme ideas, finally deciding on “Box Office Big Hitters” We selected the most popular musicals/films which we thought the majority would know: The Greatest Showman, Wicked, Grease, Lion King and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

These would offer our clients a unique and unexpected theme, certainly not a traditional Christmas office party.

With the large capacity requiring a fully immersive
atmosphere, the layout created was a series of connected areas with a central dome. Perfect for The Greatest Showman! With our initial ideas presented and fully approved by the client, it was time for the hard work of implementation, organisation and logistics.

Each room needed to be completely themed; from stages, set dressing and props, right through to the food and drink offering and entertainment. Also, we needed to consider how each room would flow into one another seamlessly and the effective arrival of the party guests.

AZ Christmas Party

“I just wanted to say a huge, massive, colossal THANK YOU and well done to you both - last night was all I had hoped it would be and more! You and the team were just incredible and went consistently over and above, sincerely thank you. I am hugely grateful for all of your hard work. It’s been a pleasure working with you as always and turning the initial ideas and vision into a reality! Feedback has been hugely positive.”

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Our client wanted to provide their guests with some initial bar credit to have the first 2 drinks for free; this would need managing too. We sourced drinks tokens that were in keeping with our clients ecological ethics. These were Ocean Tokens, which are manufactured from recycled fishing nets found in the sea – their production is quite literally saving the Turtles.



We needed to work with the local authorities to ensure all health and safety regulations were adhered to. Our onsite medical service, fire wardens, security, car parking attendants and taxi requirements would all prove invaluable. In addition, we required staff to manage each connected area; serve food, man the bars and facilitate the smooth running behind the scenes. The list of requirements grew and so did the spreadsheets; themes, entertainment, food, drink, lighting, carpeting, security, risk assessments, insurance, staff, props, actors, dancers etc.


2500 people needed a lot of everything. Thankfully our team are time-served event professionals and working together, completed each organisational task, ensuring that every detail had been considered. Working with with our tried and trusted suppliers, we created something on such an epic scale that this client had never seen, let alone the employees!

Christmas Party
Christmas Party
Christmas Party
Christmas Party

We wanted to ensure that each area would offer a completely different immersive experience. Sword swallowers, fire eaters and dancers would Wow the guests in The Greatest Showman ‘Big Top’. Flying monkeys, magicians and witches would mystify you on entering the area of Wicked. The Pink ladies, Sandy and Danny would delight you in Grease. The Lion King jungle area was filled with Lions, antelopes, zebras and even real-life snakes. To top it all off, your sugar fix could be found in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Caramel Popcorn, Candy Floss, Blueberry and Apple Pie, Candy Canes, Tables full of sweets and even real Wonka Bars with an opportunity of finding a “Golden Ticket’.

The main entrance, created around a Box Office theme, ensured guests had a very grand arrival and somewhere later to chill and relax.

A combination of live music and DJ’s would be offered during the night to ensure the party rocked, each room was planned to ensure that the audio was directed to reduce sound overlap. The reception area ‘Box Office’ offered guests a break out room, quieter a place to kick back and chat.

The Result

Our clients guests arrived and were greeted by our professional reception team who checked everyone in, wristbands and drinks tokens were provided, coats hung in the cloakroom, and then straight through to collect their glass of bubbles. The entertainment, food and drink were planned to the minute throughout the evening, ensuring the guests always had something to watch, eat and drink.

Live music and discos overlapped simultaneously. The event was outstanding; everyone celebrated together, at one event on one evening and our clients were very happy. 

All in all, one epic night, ever to be remembered and not forgotten. We just need to go one better now! 

Roll on Christmas 2020.

If you are planning your Christmas Party, speak to a member of our team now. It doesn’t have to be for 1000’s, however with TR by your side, you are guaranteed to be WOWD!

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