Hot Tips for Planning Outdoor Summer Events

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Our Hot Tips for Planning Outdoor Summer Events.

Slowly but surely, the warmer weather is creeping in, which can only mean one thing: fish out the suntan lotion and pedicure those feet as the outdoor summer events season is almost here!

With an abundance of Facebook posts advising you to book your tickets for the latest summer occasion, everyone is looking forward to coming out of hibernation and hitting the likes of car shows, sports events, food festivals, gigs and more. So, now is the time to exploit this seasonal feel-good factor and plan and advertise your perfect summer event.

To help you kick-start the planning, we’ve put together some handy hints on the most important things to consider when creating an event plan.

Location, location, location

It sounds obvious, but you need to consider where you’ll be holding your event as you need somewhere with the appropriate space for your anticipated crowd numbers.

You also need to consider the traffic irrigation to and from the location, parking spaces, nearby public transport links, cover for wet weather, and the proximity of your neighbours if you are considering an evening do.

Consult Your Advisory Committee Together Early

If you are holding a publicly attended event, you must gain permits legally and include the local advisory committee to ensure you are ticking all the rules and regulations boxes. For example, there might be restrictions on noise, fire regulations and the number of medics you require.

So, it’s better to be safe than sorry by making your consultations early so you can develop your plans confident that you will receive all the healthy & safety sign-offs you’ll be required to gain pre-opening.

Get Your Acts Together (not forgetting food)

Summer is the best time of year for entertainment and outdoor food suppliers, so we advise that you consider early in your planning contacting a booking your entertainment and caterers.

You’ll need to consider everything to avoid disappointment, from your main acts to face painters, large hog roasts, coffee vendors and more. We strongly advise booking all your entertainment and catering in advance so you know what you are working with when mapping out the event space and schedule.

Don’t Blow the Budget

A budget doesn’t need to be a constraint, as there is more than one way to put on a fabulous event without impacting the experience of your visitors because you have a small financial plan.

However, at the start of your preparations, it is better to split the budget and allocate it to each area (entertainment, security, facilities, marquees etc.) so you know where you can splash out and where you can make savings.

Have a Backup Plan for your Outdoor Summer Event

Ahh, the good old British weather – if there is one thing predictable about it, it’s completely unpredictable.

Therefore, ensure you are prepared to protect your guests from whatever mother nature could throw at you. Any cover is a good idea for rain and sun; ponchos, sun cream, access to water, and insect repellent are also advisable. You name it, make sure you have thought all of this through and are ready to minimise anything that could impact your guest’s enjoyment. If you are planning outdoor summer events and would like some support with your planning or event management, contact our experienced team at: