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How TR Global Events operates is essential to its award-winning success. To remain agile in an ever-changing environment, and adaptable to client requests, we have created a core team of industry-leading event company specialists.

Supported by a team of consulting experts, we can help to plan and implement your event, meaning whatever the occasion, our event company team can apply the very best experience to your event.

This is how we remain competitive with costs, relevant in the industry and reactive to an ever changing world.

Get in touch with your event specialists and see how we can help deliver the perfect event for you.

Our Core Event Company Team:

Tony Murdock FIH – Founder and CEO


Kelly Walker – Events Director


Kathryn Preston – Finance Director


Tracy Solly – Sales (USA and Europe)


Clair Bryant CMKTR – Marketing and Communications


Helen Wright – Senior Events Executive

Katrina Khalifa – Senior Events Executive

Lucy Moody – Associate Director of Hospitality Services


Michelle Pegg – Associate Director of Sales