Fundraising Charity Events – Ideas for Raising Money

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TR Global Events are no strangers to planning, organising and managing fundraising charity events. Still spoken about today, we successfully ran The Cambridge Roar Charity. This raised funds for local causes across Cambridgeshire via several well-attended events every year. Sadly, the pandemic meant we had to park the charity…but watch this space!

So, we’re aware more than most that fundraising has never been more challenging. Charities of all types are experiencing this due to the current financial climate over the past year. To give a little helping hand and assist you in narrowing your options down, we’ve compiled a list of our top fundraising event ideas. This helps you quickly find the ones that meet your needs.

Fundraising Charity Event – Fashion Show

A fashion show is a great way to unite a community and doesn’t require blowing the budget. You just need a space, chairs, models, a sound system, a great compere and a few local boutiques to supply some outfits.

What’s more, it’s an opportunity to work with a local college or university as it’s an opening for them to showcase their creations and participate in a live show.

As well as charging an entry fee, you could make money from the tea/coffee/bar area, offer a raffle to win an outfit, or take a percentage of sales from any pop-up shops at the show.

Silent Auction Gala Night

The glitz, the glamour, the red carpet and the champagne reception… who doesn’t love the opportunity to dress up for a black-tie silent auction gala night.

However, if you’ve attended a silent auction before, you probably noticed … they’re not so silent!

They are considered “silent” because there’s no auctioneer. Instead, attendees write down their bids for the items in the auction, and there are checks throughout the night on the highest bid. But a silent auction is only as good as the items you are gifted, so make sure you work your network to gleam money can’t buy experiences and gifts.

Fundraising Charity Event – White Collar Boxing Match

White Collar Boxing Nights offer fantastic opportunities to raise knockout funds by allowing amateur boxers to experience a ring fight and selling tables and tickets to their friends and family.

Another excellent opportunity to bring the community together, you could arrange some friendly competition between local boxing clubs or gyms. Alternatively, consider partnering with a local promoter, as they will have all the contacts you need and understand the legalities, rules and regulations.

The event can also offer unique fundraising chances with auctions, audience challenges, dining options, and celebrity appearances/halftime acts, securing more ticket sales.

Two female boxers in the ring - fundraising charity event ideas

Virtual Horse Racing Night

Living near Newmarket, The Home of Horse racing has many positive aspects, one being that people generally understand the concept of race nights.

Versatile, the event can be black tie or casual, depending on the tone of the night you want and if you’re going to include additional entertainment such as a band, disco or comedian.

Economical to organise, you just need a good host, location and virtual race night platform. Once in full swing, attendees place virtual bets and then cheer on their pick of the horses in this highly engaging and fun activity.

With plenty of money-raising chances through ticket sales, sponsorship and betting, a virtual horse racing night is an excellent punt.

If you would like some help and advice on hosting fundraising charity events night, contact our team of experts to discuss how we can support you: