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Event Planning


TR Global Events team are all professionals and experts in their specific event industry fields. We are passionate about the service we offer, we thrive on providing consistently high quality results, consistently exceeding our client’s highest aspirations. Creating a cohesive seamless event is a specialism, with every detail meticulously planned from finding the initial perfect venue through to food, service, entertainment and design. Our UK and US offices enable the true global offer.

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  • Manage the planning process, delivering your event vision whilst understanding the mission and purpose of the Event.

  • Develop Event Goals and Objectives.

  • Full project management and event production and planning

  • Creativity and Brand integration across all platforms and media types

  • Ensure client’s voice/brand heard and portrayed throughout.

  • Global Venue research and selection through leveraging our worldwide relationships and supplier selection, contract negotiation and mitigation.

  • Budget planning and management.

  • Management of product design, production and merchandising.

  • Logistical management.

  • Onsite event management and ownership.

  • All levels of entertainment procurement

TR Global Events will consult with each client to ensure we are very clear on your goals and aspirations. We will meet with each client to discuss the key objectives for their successful event.

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